Rock Climbing - Classic ridge routes - Snow mountaineering - High altitude ascents

Summer is the most awaited season for mountaineers.

There are different kinds of mountaineering and the climber must face different issues with the appropriate techniques.

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Here are the main activities:
• Rock Climbing
• Classic ridge routes
• Snow mountaineering (couloirs – snow ridges)
• High altitude ascents (glaciers, 4000m summits)


Summer it's time for canyoning, a young, cool and enjoyable outdoor sport suitable for everybody. You don't need climbing or mountaineering experience for this but only some basic swimming skill.
Come and try, an incredible world of water and rocks is waiting for you!


Canyoning, is an outdoor activity that involves descending streams using alpine techniques. The group will meet many vertical obstacles such as cliffs and waterfalls that will be overcome by lowering with the rope or jumping into the deep water.

Mountaineering and Climbing

When slopes and ridges are freed by the snow which remains hidden in the steep north facing gullies, it's time to pack away skis and to get ropes and carabiners. Not forgetting ice axes and crampons.

Mountaineering at high altitude
I “4000”

This is the realm of glaciers and great mountains where the most daring ambitions and dreams of mountaineers take place.