Climbing a Via Ferrata

A “Via Ferrata” is a climbing route equipped with pegs which provide comfortable foot supports as well as continuous and safe hand holds.

A cable running along the route allows a safer climb by using proper double lanyards.

In this way the ascent can be carried out by small groups (up to six people with the guide) which makes it a more "social" activity than classic mountain climbing.

The Ferrata degli Artisti in Finale.

The renowned “Ferrata degli Artisti” is long but not difficult. It takes place in a wild environment. By clear weather you can enjoy some beautiful views of the Riviera Ligure.
The southern exposure makes it perfect for spring and autumn, but with the right conditions and/or the correct departure times of the ascent it may be done throughout the year.



The Ferrata of Magliolo, better known as the “Ferrata degli Artisti” because of the paintings of the famous doctor and artist Mario Nebiolo, is a respectable climb and may be considered almost an alpine route. With its 700 meters height gain, it follows a long reddish rock spur. During the climb you will go through many breathtaking sections and a spectacular tibetan bridge. The via Ferrata ends on the top of Bric Agnellino, one of the most aerial points of the area from which you can see a fantastic 360° panorama from the Ligurian Sea to the Monviso(3841m).

Difficulty: AD

Prevailing exposure: East

Starting place: Magliolo

Recommended period: Spring- Autumn - Winter

Equipment: standard ferrata kit, UGF can provide all necessary equipment if you do not have it.

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